CLASS VI - Maths - Lesson 3

Lesson 3 Sample

3.1 Work Breakdown, Products and Milestones:

Note: Products are shown in ( )’s. Milestones are in bold font.
Classroom instruction: 1.LCM and HCF of number. 2. Product of number.
Select student groups (student groups)
Research: calculation, generalization, online (presentation) and library (research report)
Class activity: using different methods to find the LCM.
Activity: using factor tree
Activity: long division method
Activity: prime factorization method
Presentation: finding LCM using different method (presentation)
Celebration:  “mini exhibition” on the outcome and generalization (exhibition)

3.2 Role definition:
 Project leader: teacher will fulfill this role
Group leader- a student from each group   who has the leadership quality
Researcher – all the students
Artist-   a student good in  drawing
Compiler- the one who compiles all the research report and help in generalizing  
Presentation author- the student from each group who is good in technology
Presenter (all students will take some part in the presentation)

3.3 Task schedule:
Project start date 8th August 2016
Project end date 31st August 2016
Activity “finding the HCF and LCM”
3.4 Special Activities Plan:
Generalization -  on 25th August
Presentation – on 28th August
Exhibition of chart and report -29th August

3.5 Resource Plan:
 Computer lab: Date and period in the Time Table.
3.6 Direct Instruction:
prime numbers , prime factorization, methods of finding LCM
3.7 Reviews and checkpoints:
At the end of  finding LCM, HCF and product of numbers using each method a 10 minutes class conference to discuss generalization, successes and challenges.
A checkpoint meeting for each team will be held for 10  minutes .
3.8 Assessment plan:
Opportunities for authentic assessment will include: the calculation using different method and generalization of the result.
Formative assessment will primarily focus on the way the   students do HCF and LCM during the project. Special attention will be paid to generalization, learning and presentation outlines.
Summative assessments will be performed on the presentations and   generalization of   results.
Rubrics prepared: rubric for each method, rubrics for presentation, result rubrics, 

Generalization   rubrics.
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