CLASS VI - Maths - Lesson 2

 Lesson 2 Sample

2.1 Essential Question:
What is the relation between HCF, LCM and product of number whose HCF AND LCM is found
 2.2 Grouping Strategy:
 Team will comprise groups of 4 students of mixed gender, and mixed ability and skills. One of the goals is to promote teamwork in mixed ability groups so that higher ability students get opportunities for peer instruction, and lower ability students benefit from the more advanced collaboration that will arise from this.

2.3 Learning Environment:
As there are 4 group each group will be assigned each corner and the tables and chairs will be arranged in such a way that proper interaction among the students are  possible.  Each corner will be their area of work and their work will be displaced in that corner. Computer labs will be used for the majority of the online work. Research notes will be recorded in computers/blogs. Some collaboration between students will take place through email/blog/whats’app.
2.4 Assessment Approach:
  2.41 Authentic Assessment:
Authentic task such as
·        Doing the LCM and HCF of three set of number.
·        All the three set in 3 different methods
·         Finding product of numbers
·        The generalization of result
2.42 Formative Assessment:
Regular feedback will be provided as the students work on internet, design presentation  and  find HCF, LCM and generalize the result
2.43 Summative Assessment:
Assessment will be conducted on
• Team  portfolios in blogs/emails
• PowerPoint presentation on HCF and LCM
2.44 Rubrics:

Rubrics will be used to assess:

·        Culculation
·        Result
·        Generalizing
·        Final
·        Blog

  2.45 Gradings:

Project grades will be based on a combination of scores from assessments made during the project. A rubric will be used to compile grades. 
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