CLASS VI - Maths - Lesson 1

Teacher: S. SHIBI
Project Based Learning
 Lesson 1 Sample
1.     Project Plan
(1.1)The Define Phase
(1.11) Introduction:
This project is intended to allow class VI students to explore the following topice:
      [1.]  To find HCF
      [2.]  To find LCM
      [3.]  To find product of numbers
      [4.]   To find relation bet LCM , HCF and number
The students will work in small groups building knowledge in these curriculum areas, the project gives students the opportunity to generalized and find the result.
(1.12) Project Scope:

Students from class VI.
Subjects involved: Mathematics and English
Student research will be monitored and managed to avoid students going off track and out of scope.
(1.13) Curriculum and Standards:

 Class VI MathematicsCurriculum topics and standards related to this project:
·        Multiples of given numbers
·        Factors of given number
·        Prime number
·        Prime factorization
·        To write a number as the product of primefactors
·        Ways to find HCF
·        Ways to find LCM
·        Relation between HCF,LCM and Number
·        To find HCF when LCM and product of number is given
·         To find LCM when HCF and product of number is given

·        To find  product of number when   HCF and  LCM
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