CLASS VII - Eng -Lesson 3

Project Based LearningLesson 3

Plan Phase
3.1 Work Breakdown, Products and Milestones:
List the project task and, if possible at this stage include the sub-tasks. For each task add the product that will be created and indicate it will be a milestone.
To create interest and positive attitude towards English subject in class Vll students , the following skills are adopted ;
  1. Basics of human psychology
  2. Research: online, library, through observation, through visual media
  3. Survey: The daily income of a large scale firm and a small scale firm
  4. Activity: Bring sample products one purchased from a small shop and one from a large firm and try to find the difference in its quality
  5. Presentation: the importance of giving more importance to quality

3.2 Role definition:
List the roles team members will fulfill in the project.
Children are grouped on the basis of their artistic skill, communication skill , creativity etc for skit, debate , collage and chart making.
Project leader – teacher will fulfill this role.
All students will contribute towards surveying
Advisor – will present team’s activities in the class
All students will take some part in the presentation

3.3 Task schedule:
Note start and end dates for the project.
Include expected dates to start specific tasks
Project start date – 05/08/16
Project end date –30/08/16

3.4Special Activities Plan:
List any special activities (e.g. Field trips or guest speakers) including dates.

3.5Resource Plan:
List resource that will be required during the project and any other date constraints associated with them.
Video files, computer lab, library books , charts, newspapers, magazine

3.6 Direct Instruction:
List any planned direct instruction sessions and link them to specific tasks if appropriate.
Video sessions for understanding the concept.
Skit for recapitulation
Debate for critical thinking

3.7 Reviews and checkpoints:
Describe how you will incorporate review meetings and checkpoints in the project
On regular interval the progress of the learners will be assessed through slip test, lesson based quiz and work sheets.

3.8 Assessment plan:
Describe the balanced assessment plan for the project. List products that will be assessed during the project. List rubrics that need to be created before project launch.
Mcq, map work, dictation of new terms, pen-paper test, preparation of news paper albums, use of CAL/TAL. Assessment scale to assess the progress of the learners.

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