CLASS VIII - Maths - Lesson 1

Project Based Learning
Teacher : Gopinadhan P K
1.Project Plan
(1.1)The Define Phase
  Write a statement describing the overall purpose of the project.
  What is the key challenge or problem the project is aiming to address?
  What are students intended to learn from the project?

        The project is aimed to make the students of class VIII learn to conduct survey.
        To create an awareness about the survey in statistics. 
        Key Challenge-To what extent  survey is going to benefit.
        To familiarize with the basic knowledge on distribution table.
        To sensitize students about the role of  mathematics in daily life.
        To understand connection between the public  idea of statistics and  actual statistics.
The students will work in small groups building knowledge in these curriculum areas, the project gives students the opportunity to develop specific 21st Century skills.

(1.12)Project Scope:  Describe the scope of your project. This may include class and section, subjects it covers, self shills to be used etc. as well as other factors affecting scope.
Students of class VIII-C
Subject:  MATHS and SCIENCE

Student research will be monitored and managed to avoid students going off track and out of scope.
(1.13) Curriculum and Standards:
            List the curriculum and standards this project with cover.
Class VIII .Subject : MATHS
Study of collection of data and  frequency table.

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