CLASS VIII - Science - Lesson 1

Project Based Learning
1.Project Plan
(1.1)The Define Phase

  1. The project is aimed to make the students of class VIII :
  • To know the various changes in an adolescent-
  • To compare the difference in the increase in height of boys and girls and to calculate the maximum height they can attain.
  • To know the different emotional  and intellectual changes during adolescence and the hormonal imbalance which causes these changes.
  • Realize the importance of health and hygiene in adolescence and include nutritive food in our diet
  1. Key Challenge: Should an adolescent be treated as a grown up or a child.
  2. Students are intended to learn-
  • The changes in an adolescent
  • The hormonal changes in their body
  • Health and hygiene of an adolescent.

(1.12)Project Scope:
Students of class VIII
Subject: Science and English

Student research will be monitored and managed to avoid students going off track and out of scope so that the students understand the changes occurring during adolescence

(1.13) Curriculum and Standards:
Class VIII .Subject : Science   
Topic: Reaching the age of adolescence.
Increase in height during adolescence  and difference in growth of boys and girls
Changes in the body during adolescence
Emotional changes in the body during adolescence
Adolescent health and hygiene

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