CLASS VIII - Social Science - Lesson 3

Project Based Learning
Lesson 3
Plan Phase
3.1 Work Breakdown, Products and Milestones:
List the project task and, if possible at this stage include the sub-tasks. For each task add the product that will be created and indicate it will be a milestone.
Classroom instruction: General introduction of the project which the students have to perform
Select student groups (student groups) Heterogeneous   group
Research: Self/online / library
Class activity: Asking questions to their peer group
                         Compiling the report
                         Talk by a resource person from Legal Aid Services
Project Report on  Ancient legal System in India:
         Legal systems since Bronze age and Indus valley civilization
         Historical back ground of Judicial system in India.
         Evolution of legal system.
         Modern legal system.
Presentation: Role of Judicial system in India

3.2 Role definition:
List the roles team members will fulfill in the project.
Project leader: Teacher
Researcher  and surveyor: Students
Presentation: Group Leader

3.3 Task schedule:
Note start and end dates for the project.
Include expected dates to start specific tasks
Project start date 1st August  2016
Project end date6th August 2016
Activity : Presentation of report – Evolution of Legal system.

3.4Special Activities Plan:
List any special activities (e.g. Field trips or guest speakers) including dates.
A talk by resource person from Kerala Legal Aid Services. (by next week)
3.5Resource Plan:
List resource that will be required during the project and any other date constraints associated with them.
Computer lab : Date and period in the Time Table

3.6 Direct Instruction:
List any planned direct instruction sessions and link them to specific tasks if appropriate.
Project study to be correlated with the implementation of law in  modern society.

3.7 Reviews and checkpoints:
Describe how you will incorporate review meetings and checkpoints in the project
15 minutes of the class period allotted for discussion on projects.

3.8 Assessment plan:
Describe the balanced assessment plan for the project. List products that will be assessed during the project. List rubrics that need to be created before project launch.
Opportunities for authentic assessment will include: project report on Judicial system in India-Sensitization and awareness created among the students through the Project.
 Special attention will be paid to values inculcated like civic sense, awareness regarding rights and duties.
Rubrics prepared: Collaborative work of high functioning team / Accurate plans and assessment as per the project calendar /Project design and Presentation.

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